Cutting Solutions for Storage Tank and Custom Applications
You no longer need to resort to gouges or oxy-acetylene torches and a large crew to get the job done fast.
The original application for Ragworm technology is cutting storage tanks.  Ours is still the best solution for problem tanks.  Advantages include:
In one pass the Safe-Cut system cuts through both tank coatings and the steel tank bottom.
In one pass the Safe-Cut system can cut through multi-layer floors and transitions to and from multi-layers.
Safely cut with product under the tank floor.
Want to cut off a roof, need to cut the shell above the wall ring - we can readily adapt our units for automated cuts in non-conventional arrangements.
Safe-Cut adapts Ragworm cold cutting systems and creates custom cutting tools to address any heavy duty cutting challenge.  We cut metal, fiberglass, concrete, asphalt, and plastics in a number of applications including, storage tanks, vessels, pipe, pontoons, ship’s decking, and multi-layered substrates.  We cut vertical applications and overhead locations.  We can cut in hazardous environments with a high level of safety.  We cut a variety of shapes.  Cuts are continuous, clean, and precise.  Surrounding materials are subjected to very little invasion by the cutting process.  Environmental cleanup is virtually unnecessary.  Fire danger is reduced to near zero.  No hazardous fumes are generated.
Do you have a special industrial cutting need?  Contact Safe-Cut.  Even if no cutting solution currently exists that can complete the job, Safe-Cut will undertake to design and manufacture the tool for your specific application.
Safe-Cut is America’s exclusive source of Ragworm Water Jet cold cutting technology and leading provider of heavy duty cutting solutions.

The integration of an ultra-high pressure water jet cutting system with a tracked mobile carrier has resulted in a system that is fast, non-labor intensive, and adaptable to most any cutting need.