Frequently Asked Questions

Who/What is Safe-Cut?

Safe-Cut is a service offered by Mass Technology Corporation using Ragworm robotic cold cutting ultra-high pressure waterjet systems


What is Ragworm?

Ragworm is a water jet robotic cutting system using ultra-high pressure waterjet with abrasive to cut metal, fiberglass, concrete, asphalt, and plastics in a number of applications including, storage tanks, vessels, pipe, and multi-layered substrates.


Where is Ragworm available?

Safe-Cut is the exclusive American partner for Ragworm, Netherlands, the developer of Ragworm technology.


How is Ragworm cold cutting better than conventional cutting methods?

Ragworm is safer, faster, cleaner, and more efficient than other methods.  Its efficiency makes it less expensive to use.


Is Ragworm a proven technology?

Yes.  Safe-Cut acquired Ragworm technology in 2007 and since then has expanded with new additional equipment and has successfully performed hundreds of cutting projects.  Ragworm is used around the world.


What site utilities are required to use Ragworm from Safe-Cut?

A source of clean potable water is all that is required.


How is the mobile cutter unit powered?

The mobile cutters move under hydraulic power hosed from a remote hydraulic power unit.


Can others crews work in the tank while Safe-Cut is cutting?

Yes, the mobile cutters can work in one part of the tank while other work is carried out in another section of the tank so long as the other work does not pose a work hazard for the cutting crew.


Will the cutter cut through multiple steel layers simultaneously?

Yes, without any interruption to the cutting process. As the cutter passes into a section with multiple layers the cutting speed is adjusted to achieve a clean cut through the transition.


What is your typical crew size?

Typically we deploy 2 cutter units operated by a 3 person crew. One person operates the intensifier pump and one person operates each cutting robot vehicle.


How do I contact Safe-Cut?

Call 903-986-8386 or email – See our Contact page.